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ForLife is hand crafted in the Jalisco, Mexico, specifically Amatitán, also know as the Valley Region, made with 100% Agave. ForLife has a rich and unique flavor unlike any other. Tequila masters have described it as natural and pure. Our agave is nurtured from the Tequila Volcano that sits in the middle of valley. The volcano naturally enriches the soil with minerals, such as copper, iron, potassium and silica to provide us with an exceptional profile. This provides our agave with grassy, vegetal and peppery notes while maintaining an earthy profile.


We’ve partnered with the Correa family who has been making tequila for four generations. They continue to produce tequila following traditional procedures without taking any shortcuts during the process to ensure our tequila is premium. Instead of using a modern supply of water that can contain chemicals such as chlorine, we use artisanal well water that further enriches the properties of the soil our agave plants are grown in. 


Our distillery honors the work women provide to the community. Once distillation is finished, ForLife relies on the work of women who are in charge of labelling and packing the final product making sure it is ultimately perfect. Empowering women in the community has been a priority of the Correa family and is one of many core values we share. 


Our goal is to always be a community first brand and family oriented. We believe tequila has a way of bringing us together. We enjoy the fun and loving moments we create with our family & friends and we hope ForLife can be a part of the memory you make with yours. 

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